Born in 1984, The Netherlands. Currenlty based in Amsterdam.
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2013-2015 MFA Fine Art Media       
Slade School of Art, University College London
2007-2008 Photo Global, Critical Certificate Program      
School of Visual Arts, New York 
2003-2007 Bachelor of Fine Art
ArtEZ, Academy of Art and Design, Arnhem


HKU - University of the Arts Utrecht
Extended Metaphor - Seminar i.c.w. Roos van Haaften - Jan 2019
Moving Materiality - Seminar Fashion Design - Sep 2018
ArtEZ University of the Arts - DBKV Arnhem and Zwolle
Guest Lecturer Fine Art | Sep 2017 - present
AFK - Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
Advisor | Feb 2017 - present
Open Space 2018
Thialf Arnhem NL
Unfair 2018
Westergasfabriek Amsterdam
29.03 - 02.04.2018
Zoete Broodjes Project Space Amsterdam
'Navigation Your Location' 13th of January
On view in the evening, 12.01 - 14.02.2018


V2 Summer Residency 
Lab for unstable media Rotterddam
Augustus and September  2017
Frans Masereel Centrum, BE
Residency July 2017


May Heek
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Copyright @ May Heek, 2016
Website: Jan Misker
Photo: Virtue is Knowledge 2015: Mariana Bisti

Special thanks to:  The Slade School of Fine Art / The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts / Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds / Hendrik Muller Fonds / Fundatie van Renswoude  / V2 Lab for Unstable Media Rotterdam



As part of a daily process I expose myself to changing perspectives, reflectiveness and abstractions as possible tools to question and widen the meaning of existing knowledge. I utilize print, video and light in installations to explore surface qualities, sensory experiences and indirect ways of perceiving images. How do we look at image sources and the constantly changing conditions of the medium? How do we define the edge of knowing and un-knowing? By scrutinizing the purpose of representation, I hope to approach new ways of seeing and disassociations with pre-existing connotations, that could potentially become systems for (non)physical communication and reflexivity.

In ‘Still Gold Rushing’
, a livestream of a physical line
 of screenprints and samples of seemingly valuable looking materials. A sliding camera-dolly presents the relationship between the recorded image, the camera device and the projected image. This loop creates an intuitive interaction between the reflective input materials and the projection, which exposes the position of the viewer and the social implications of the camera itself. The framing and changing perspectives within the set-up provide ideas around, value, embodies-perception, cybernetics, individualism and prejudices.